5 Things Today’s Teens Face That You May Not Have

Today’s teens face a lot of tough situations on a daily basis that you probably didn’t even think about as a teenager. Today’s world is full of danger at every turn, and it is up to your teen to make the right choices to avoid those dangers. This can be a scary time for parents. […]

Exponential Peer Pressure

There’s a standard observation about young people that’s tossed around with great frequency, one that’s generally assumed to be true . . . and yet it’s one with which I strongly disagree. The mantra is: Kids are so different today. I don’t think so. I think we did the same things they did. We explored […]

Guest Post: Ambition, Your Child, and You

Editor’s note: I’d like you to welcome Kathy Wilson, our latest guest author here at Earnest Parenting. Kathy has quite an essay to share. I’m excited about sharing it in part because I disagree with some of it, and her writing has caused me to think deep thoughts. That’s always fun, especially in August when […]