4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe

Today, raising children offers a number of new challenges that previous generations never encountered. The dawn of the computer age created habits that threaten both the health of the body and certain psychological issues. Obesity and Internet danger must be on every parent’s list of things to avoid. You can tackle these problems with a […]

The Snugg Helps Busy Parents Keep iPads Protected

Mobile devices are ALL the rage these days. I just sounded like an old fogey saying that, didn’t I? Wait. Don’t answer that. Annnyways. Mobile devices. Between the handheld tablets and mobile phones, most families have a LOT of technology at their fingertips. All of those devices are expensive, and easy to break. An acquaintance […]

Kids and Water Don’t Mix – Or Do They?

If you’re a parent you know that there will only ever be one outcome when your children see a large, inviting puddle of water. No matter how hard you try, the temptation for them to take a big running jump into it is just too great – they just can’t help themselves. So how can […]

Some Handy Tips to Handle Kids With Technology

(Editor’s note: please welcome Zach with a guest article on handling kids and technology. Thanks Zach!!) In today’s busy life it’s difficult to protect your child from every evil, whereas, children are badly addicted to technology such as computers, play stations, video games, televisions and most of all mobile phones. All these things play a […]