Safety First: 7 Items You May Need To Upgrade To Keep Your Family Safe

Your family is important, and their safety should never be taken for granted. You can update many things around your home to make sure that your family is well taken care of. If you prepare in advance for potential hazards, you can be confident that your family is as secure as possible. Here are six […]

Siggy Helps Kids Deal With Bullying

Siggy and the Bullies is a new book written by Blanche R. Dudley, Ed.D. and illustrated by Lawrence Reynolds. The story is about Siggy, a mockingbird who was born missing a wing. Siggy was adopted by a very sweet bird family and fits in very well with his sisters Pia and Gia. Unfortunately, all of […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe

Today, raising children offers a number of new challenges that previous generations never encountered. The dawn of the computer age created habits that threaten both the health of the body and certain psychological issues. Obesity and Internet danger must be on every parent’s list of things to avoid. You can tackle these problems with a […]

4 Vital Tips for Protecting Teens’ Online Privacy

(Editor’s note: please welcome Leslie’s advice for protecting the privacy of our children online. Thanks, Leslie!) You never know who is watching you on the Web Teenagers all over the globe use the Internet everyday to chat with friends, upload pictures to Facebook, share videos on YouTube, tweet their every movement and even check in […]

Cyber Patrol Online Protection: A Review

Have you been following the news about cyberbullying and all the bad stuff that’s been happening as a result lately? Horrible. One thing I worry about is my kids getting into trouble online and me not knowing what’s going on. Thankfully, Tiffany from CyberPatrol contacted me this summer and offered me a review copy of […]