Picking the Right Puppy for Your Kids

A dog can be a wonderful companion for a family. When children grow up alongside a puppy, he becomes in some ways a major source of joy, comfort, and stability. The key, however, is choosing the right kind of puppy for your family. There are a number of factors you need to take into account. […]

FFYF: Summer Pool Edition

Good Friday, Internets! Welcome again to Fun For Your Friday, our weekly blog carnival that’s all about finding a smile or a laugh to end the week. The boys of Earnest Parenting are all smiling around here now that the pool has been filled and is ready for some serious fun. We have one of […]

Fun For Your Friday

It may be wise to set down all beverages for this one. Wouldn’t want to cause you to choke or do a spit take all over your keyboard. You have been warned. Yesterday morning, a boy woke me up about 6 am saying he’d had a terrible nightmare and had had an accident in his […]

Fun For Your Friday

Hullloooooo Internets! Have you missed me? Wait. Don’t answer that. I’ve been having a sick week, hence the big silence here. However! Things are improving! I only coughed out half a lung today, which convinces me that I’ll be completely better ummmmmm….soon. I hope. In the meantime, nothing’s better than a little humor and I […]

Things I Never Predicted I’d Say to my Children

Don’t throw the chickens. A puppy is not a toy. It’s not cool to burn your brother’s shirt with a magnifying glass. It’s really not cool to burn your brother’s shirt with a magnifying glass while he’s wearing it. Got any to add to the list?? UPDATED: Do read the comments, and add yours. Too […]

4 New Daddies

As promised, here she is: our new puppy. We drove to Ohio Monday and spent the night at a hotel with a water park. Very fun! Then Tuesday we went and got Keely and drove home. It was a fantastic trip, but exhausting. I didn’t even feel like eating anything until midday Thursday. The last […]