Summer’s Almost Here: Four Preparation Ideas You Need to Think About

Summer is almost here, and you have to be ready for it. There are four preparation ideas you probably haven’t thought about, and it’s time to start preparing now. Get the Kids’ Toys Ready Your kids are probably looking forward to summer break from school and playing with all of their summer toys. This means […]

What You Need to Know to Get Your Child Ready for College

Now that the older boys are in high school, college is on our minds quite a bit. Trust me, they’ve already heard PLENTY from us about the need to get really good grades and have a good record to show colleges when they apply. Essentially, they need to build skills and a resume even at […]

What Venus and Mars Have to Do With Reading

Gillian fromLearning to Read: Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus points out the vast differences between boys’ and girls’ development. Teaching my first two boys to read was quite challenging, and I’ve often thought readiness was part of the issue. We all know that boys and girls develop differently.  Gillian explains that these […]