Building a Better Student: Boys and Books

Speaking at school PTO meetings often provides terrific content for articles and blog posts. The parents (the P in PTO) ask terrific questions, and their feedback to my presentations gives me interesting new ways to look at issues in education. When the topic turns to reading, it’s not unusual to hear a question about “books […]

How E-Books Are Changing Reading Habits

E-books: Are they really changing people’s reading habits? Advanced technology is changing the way we read and purchase books. About 21% of all American adults have stated that they read an e-book in the last year, and believe it or not, the number will most likely increase to 40% in 5 to 10 years. E-book […]

Building a Better Student: Standardized Kids

A friend of mine writes terrific children’s books, with multiple bestsellers and a loyal fan base. Recently he found himself embroiled in a dispute with an editor who claimed that his latest work contained language “too advanced for the target audience.” My friend pushed back, on the grounds that he’d hosted presentations at schools for […]

6 Ideas to Keep a Pre-teen Enjoying Reading

I truly believe that a child’s love and competence in reading is the responsibility of the parents. Of course I am not including dyslexia, but even in these children a love of books can and should be fostered. Introducing babies as young as 3 months old is ideal. Clearly these will be cloth picture books, […]

The Books We Carry

Like most, I vagabonded in my early twenties. Though I did not move from town to town or from exotic country to exotic country as I wished, I frequently swapped apartments. Always hunting down a better space with nicer floor, pet policy, or that coveted dishwasher–I trucked my belongings between buildings myself with the extra […]

What’s Your Literacy Level?

According to this infographic, literacy results were released in 1993 and 2003. Hopefully new results will come out this year and will be more promising. Thanks to the good folks at Online College Coursess for this infographic.