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What’s Your Literacy Level?

According to this infographic, literacy results were released in 1993 and 2003. Hopefully new results will come out this year and will be more promising. Thanks to the good folks at Online College Coursess for this infographic.

Parenting Link Roundup December, 2012

Okay, so technically we’re in January of 2013. But this was supposed to go live last week, so I’m titling it accordingly and will be more on time for the truly January post later this month. 🙂 Because late is better than never, right? Welcome to the...

The Pride of Ignorance

He was tall, lanky, in his early 20s, and might’ve had a plug of tobacco behind his lower lip; I couldn’t tell for sure. His wife had come to the book store in order to get one of my books signed, and it was quite clear that he was merely tagging along. While I shook...