Marriage and Divorce Trends: Let’s Discuss

Marriage and divorce are 2 super huge topics when it comes to family. So huge that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Ultimately, providing a stable and loving home for the children is most important to parents. I believe that everything possible should be done to avoid divorce, but the reality is that some […]

3 Things to Consider When Searching for a Spouse

You may have heard that you shouldn’t hold out for Mr. Right, and that’s true. Holding out for the perfect spouse may end up meaning that you will end up alone. That being said, you should hold out for someone who meets a simple set of criteria. Some character traits are fairly universal. Who doesn’t […]

How to Hone Communication Skills to Prevent Divorce

When you are in a marriage, you are an equal part of either the problem or the solution. People do not think of divorce in a bad way anymore and this is not a good sign for future generations. Divorce is not just about a relationship ending, it can have a significant impact upon your […]

What Are Your Summer Relationship Builders?

A few weeks ago I wrote about my relationship with the older boys and how I feel like we’re getting closer to one another over time. This summer I want to build on that with some fun activities. My list includes time at the beach, a possible service project for senior citizens that the boys […]

The State of the Relationship

I’m going to be honest, my relationship with the older boys has not always been easy. There are certain aspects of their collective personality that either clash with mine or at the very least are completely incomprehensible to me. Is this their fault? Nope. Mine? No, I don’t think that either. I do believe that […]