Monday Giveaway Linky, Back From Retreat Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I got to spend the weekend with my quilting buddies and my sewing machine. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Pursuing a hobby or interest is a good way to keep yourself fresh as a parent. I hope you have something you love to do, and that you do it. At least occasionally. And here we are […]

The Process; Determining the Best Way to De-Stress with a Hobby

I needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Like all of us, I know about the standard recommended stress-busters; exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. Like some of us, I actually do many of those things, but I find one component is still missing. Just like homework, housework, and the work […]

FFYF: Escape from the Heat Edition

Good Friday, heroes! I hope you’re surviving all this heat all right. We had 2 days that were downright pleasant, then it rained like crazy and now the heat and humidity are right back up to blechy now. Blechy…that’s the technical term you know. Stay cool! Welcome to the July 29, 2011 edition of fun […]

FFYF: Almost Race Time Edition!

Good Friday, Heroes! Tomorrow is the big 5k race that I’m organizing and boy am I going to be glad when that job is done! I love event organizing, but it’s difficult at the same time. The weather forecast is looking promising, which is a big blessing. I have plenty of details to panic over […]

Take Time for Your Child’s Biggest Fan: You

(Editor’s note: with all the holiday hustle and bustle, I knew this guest post was just perfect to run right now. Enjoy!!) The lunches are packed, the children are doing their homework and you’re wondering, “What else needs to be done?” These moments are perfect for stealing a little time just for you. Pick a […]

Dare I Accuse Him of Maturing?

Now that TechnoBoy and The Mercenary are nearly teens, they’ve been working hard to perfect some of the more famous adolescent behaviors. Grunts, mood swings, sleeping late, eating at odd hours, and ohhhhh, the angry glares are all part of the repertoire. It started last spring, but really got full-blown over the summer. Once school […]