FFYF: Relaxing Day Edition

Heroes, I’ve re-learned an important lesson today. Naps are a good thing. After an exhausting week I indulged in a wonderful nap today. Blissful. Fantastic. And only interrupted about 17 times. But we don’t need to focus on that part. Just getting some much needed rest was wonderful and refreshing. This week’s edition is a […]

My Sweet Boys

Here is my weekly post about sweet boys at Forever Parenting] Ugh. I had such an awful headache today. I noticed it when I woke up, then it got worse as the day went on. During the history lesson the older boys and I wound up in a massive discussion about attitudes and how they […]

A Much More Successful Day

Well. Today was a complete change from yesterday. Hubby put the boys to bed right after soccer last night, which means they went down right around 7:30. Unbelievably, there were still children asleep after 8:30 this morning. We got up and going, and zipped right through school lickety-split. I sent the older boys out for […]