Flower Muse Give Away of 4 Dozen Roses!

Someone is going to have an amazing holiday display of roses next wee, because thanks to Flower Muse I get to give 4 dozen of them away! Do you love roses? I love roses! They smell so sweet. Mmm. I’m gonna have to pick up some for myself this week. I hadn’t heard of Flower […]

Still Smelling the Roses

Hubby and the boys blessed me with some gorgeous flowers for Mother’s Day. Love them! They came via FedEx, so I had to unpack them and get them all arranged. This was fun – I’m easily amused. One of the directions was to peel two or three petals off of each rose as the tough […]

Happy Mother’s Day, Internets

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I got a surprise a little early, would you like to see it? Well, ha ha….you don’t really have a choice. Hubby and the boys treated me to these beauties and I just had to share a pic. C’mon back tomorrow and I’ll tell you a […]