Seven Things Teenagers Take For Granted When They Get Their Driver’s License

Earning a driver’s license is a milestone for a teenager that represents a major step toward independence. After my teens got their first driver’s license, they were eager to take over the keys and drive all over town to visit their friends. However, I quickly discovered that there were some things teenagers simply take for […]

5 Tips to Avoid GPS Distraction While Driving

Everyone knows about the dangers that come with texting while driving. But what about devices that are meant for the car? GPS systems are specifically designed for in-vehicle use, and yet, they present major hazards to the driver. According to a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, you’re three times as likely to get […]

Example Matters: Teach Your Child About Safe Driving

Teaching your teenager to drive is an important part of parenting and a right of passage for both you and your child. But you don’t have to wait until they’re ready to get their learner’s permit to teach your child about safe driving. In fact, studies have shown that talking to your kids early, before […]

The Kids are Back in School: Drive Carefully

A press release from Sylvania Automotive Lighting: HILLSBORO, N.H., August 29, 2012 – In an effort to share an important lesson in back-to-school safety, SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting and Alison Rhodes, the Safety Mom, have joined forces to remind drivers to remove distractions and practice safe driving habits in order to see and be seen this […]

Keep Your Teens Safe During the 100 Dangerous Days of Summer

Moving from baby safety to teen safety, let’s talk about driving. According to a recent study from AAA, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are considered the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. Teens spend more time in the car during summer days, increasing the possibility that someone will get hurt. On average, […]

Safe Driving tips for New Parents

Baby on Board: A Guide to Transportation Safety for New Parents From baby-proofing your home, to choosing the right toys, the learning curve for new parents can be overwhelming. If you’re a new parent in the market for a car seat or new vehicle, you’re probably having trouble finding enough hours in the day to […]