Homemade Yogurt Topping is Yummy, Less Expensive

Given that food prices seem to keep rising and rising, and my boys keep wanting to eat more and more (sheesh!) I’ve been looking for ways to save money around here. One treat that most of us just LOVE is Muller corner yogurt. Each package has yogurt and a topping like cherry sauce or granola. […]

Bringing Up Baby: 7 Ways to Cut Costs Before the First Birthday

When the 2013 USDA report on the financial costs of parenthood declared that the average-middle-income American family spent close to a quarter-million dollars to raise a child to the age of 18, the figure was considered so fascinating, it was widely discussed in the news. Many of these discussions mistakenly interpreted the report to mean […]

Save Money on Parenting by Learning These Useful Skills

Raising children these days is not cheap. There are diapers and bottles, daycare, the expensive dance lessons, the new car and latest cell phone, and college tuition of course. Current estimates put the cost of raising a child from newborn to adulthood at over $200,000. Although the costs might seem monumental, there are some very […]

5 Secrets to Throwing an Awesome Kid Birthday Party on a Budget

You can throw an awesome kid birthday party on a budget.  All it takes is a little extra time and ingenuity to plan a celebration that your child will be talking about for years. Make Your Own Decorations No matter what theme your child wants for the birthday extravaganza, you can make your own decorations […]

Six Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Save for Their Futures

Teaching children to think beyond today, sometimes even beyond the “now,” is pretty tough, especially if your children are still young. However, preparing your kids for the future is something all parents must do, even though nearly everything in society promotes instant gratification. If you want your kids to grow up to be great savers […]

Is Owning a Home Still a Smart Investment?

Although the American dream to many means a big home with a white picket fence, parents these days need to consider all of the factors to go into being a homeowner. The last few years have taken a hit on the housing market, and while many areas have started to recover, many people still speculate […]