Building a Better Student: Slow Death

(Most of the Building a Better Student columns are intended for parents and teachers, but this one was written for students. If there’s a young person in your sphere who could benefit from this, please share.) Imagine taking just one single puff from a cigarette and immediately falling over dead. If you knew that would […]

Number Numbness: How to Get Kids Excited About Math

The secret to learning well is to make learning fun. When kids are excited about new things, they are more ready to show initiative when it comes to picking up the pace of learning. Showing a child the practical side of math at an early age will help to engage their interest. Here are a […]

Help Kids Beat the Homework Blues

After a long day at school, kids are usually just looking to unwind at home. With fatigue, hunger, and multiple distractions, getting homework done is a real challenge. Even with a good homework schedule in place, staying motivated isn’t easy. Here are some tips to keep your child interested and motivated to continue learning at […]

Building a Better Student: The Social Swamp

For a lot of students, school is just an excuse to stretch their social muscles. Too often it’s the only reason they still get up and go each day. They’ve completely checked out of the educational aspect, and simply live for the social interaction with their friends. Social pressure on kids is daunting, but it […]

Encouraging Education: Tailored Learning to Help Children Succeed

In today’s world, many children find themselves not fully understanding what is being delivered in their classrooms, and are often hesitant to speak up about it for fearing of looking stupid in front of their peers. This leads to gaps in their knowledge, which only become worse with time if not remedied. So how can […]

5 Financial To-Do’s for College Freshmen

College is an exciting and scary time for many freshmen students. There is a new world to discover and for some it may be a little overwhelming to try and balance school, a social life, and finances. Many college students make their first big financial mistake in the first year of college. Fortunately, there are […]