Building A Better Student: Leveraging Curiosity

We’re all curious about different things. You may be fascinated by the way colors combine to create unique shades, while I might gaze for twenty minutes at the way ants go about their business, crawling in and out of their colony. Who’s to say what grabs our attention, right? >Now imagine a classroom of twenty-five […]

Take Home That Blue Ribbon: 5 Science Projects That Really Wow

Science experiments are a wonderful way to engage children in active learning. Whether you are looking for a new ideas for a school project or just a fun summer project to inspire the kids. Here, we consider five great science projects: 1) Put Gravity to the Test! What? Penny, 1-inch wide strip of stiff paper […]

Book Spotlight: Game of Knowns by Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

Getting your kids interested in science and how the world around them works can be a challenging feat for parents, given the near limitless amounts of entertainment and distractions vying for your kid’s attentions. Getting them off their video games or television cartoons may be tricky but once you’ve successfully cultivated a love for learning […]

Science Experiments for Children

According to current surveys and statistics less children are pursuing science after they graduate from high school. Many scientists feel that this is because children are not captivated by science at a young age and are led to believe it is boring. With this is mind here are some fun and simple science experiments you […]

eCybermission – A Contest

I got an interesting new follower on Twitter yesterday…eCybermission. The more I checked out their site, the better it got. eCybermission is a math/science/technology competition sponsored by the US Army. It is open to children in 6th through 9th grades. Teams of 3 or 4 students can compete (all team members must be in the […]