Tips for Keeping Your Baby Journal Updated

It’s no secret – today’s parents are busy. When you’re juggling careers, family obligations and some semblance of a personal life, finding time to keep a baby journal can seem almost laughable. Luckily, today’s journals don’t require a pen and paper. Online baby journals have opened up an entirely new way to record your baby’s […]

How to Preserve Your Child’s Memories Through Scrapbooking

How To Share The Art Of Scrapbooking With Your Kids Scrapbooking is one of the hottest crafting activities in North America and more and more people are jumping on board all the time. With “cropping” sessions popping up in many communities, scrapping supplies readily available, and a plethora of books and magazines dedicated to the […]

Stay-Cation for Spring Break? Create Your Own Fun Meme About It

So…how many of us are staying home this year on spring break? MeMeMeMeMeMEMEMEEEEE! Can you tell I’m looking forward to it? We had tentative plans to do a big trip, but that has been postponed until summer. I’m SO looking forward to the extra time to get things done around here. Phew. Gina emailed me […]

The Process; Determining the Best Way to De-Stress with a Hobby

I needed to find a way to blow off some steam. Like all of us, I know about the standard recommended stress-busters; exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. Like some of us, I actually do many of those things, but I find one component is still missing. Just like homework, housework, and the work […]