5 Things You Can Do to Create a Safer Home for Your Family

It’s important make your home more safe for your family. Whether it benefits their health, or emotional or physical well-being, it’s important to take necessary steps to create a safe and friendly environment for anyone who visits your home. Here are a few simple things you can do to make your home more safe for […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Children Protected While You are at Work

Security is a main issue for parents when they leave their children to work or have some alone time. When the child is not old enough to be left home alone, parents worry about their babysitters being the right fit. When the child can be left home alone, they worry about their safety. It’s a […]

Beyond Stranger Danger: Protect Your Family from Predators at Home

As a parent, you know that it’s tempting to think that all individuals who pose a threat to our children’s safety must be strangers. It’s easy to teach our children about “stranger danger” and think we’ve done enough. Sadly, while “strangers” are still dangerous, the concept can be difficult for children to grasp—what if the […]

Protect Your Most Important College Investment: Your Children

Dorm Security Most first-year students at college live in dorms or some other form of on-campus living. Usually there are security measures such as magnetic card locks on exterior doors and key locks leading to the dorm room itself. I can say from personal experience that these precautions do not ensure property or physical safety. […]

How to Train Your Kids in Safety

Children need to learn good safety practices as they grow up. It is important to remember that kids learn in a different way than adults. Most need some tactile or visual experience to make concepts like an escape plan real. Parents can use several techniques to start teaching children about safety. Create Rhymes and Songs […]

Home Improvements to Make This Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes visitors, both invited and unexpected. Before the holidays arrive, there are probably some home improvements you need to make in order to make a good impression. The good thing about the home improvements you’ll find mentioned here is that they are improvements you will benefit from long after your holiday […]