Disney Junior Fans can Sing Along, Create Favorite Songs in March

Have you got a little one who loves to watch Disney Junior shows? Or….do YOU love to watch Disney Junior shows? Admit it, if you’ve got little ones watching television, you’ve spent more than a little time watching them too. I know. I’ve watched my fair share of shows that entertain very short people. Well. […]

5 New Fall TV Shows for the Family

If you’re looking for shows that will keep the whole family entertained while also bringing up great conversation topics, there are plenty of new ones debuting this fall the family can watch together. The fall lineup is dotted with top names in the entertainment industry, including Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michael J. Fox. […]

Where Did All the Good Parenting Shows Go?

“Why are there no good parents on TV?” That’s the question Lisa Belkin poses in her parenting column online The New York Times’ blog. Reality shows like “Supernanny” or “The Real Housewives of New York City” put poor parenting on display, almost to the point of celebration. A blogpost on www.direct.tv tracks how many “Real Housewives” couples […]

Sing Yourself Silly With VeggieTales Live!

See below for the giveaway details! VeggieTales has been a part of this household since before we had children. No kidding! The songs are so memorable, and the stories have good messages, and who can listen to one of the silly songs without laughing? My all-time favorite is the Song of the Cebu, followed closely […]