Stimulate Your Baby’s Development with Sign Language

One thing I’ve realized from working with so many infants is that they are learning and understanding things much sooner than many parents realize. Using baby sign language, parents can start to communicate with their babies months earlier than they might otherwise. When my son Ben was 5 ½ months old he became a lot […]

Build Baby’s Confidence Through Sign Language

When children at an early age experience disappointment in communicating over and over again it significantly affects their confidence. We learn through patterns and repetition. When a child can’t effectively engage in either, it becomes frustrating for the child and the parent. The consequences usually end in the child avoiding social interaction, throwing tantrums, and […]

How to Teach Baby Sign Language

Editor’s note: please welcome Jessica with her post on sign language for the little ones. Thanks, Jessica! Whenever you see your baby making any sound or movement you feel excited, don’t you? Many people think that they are meaningless sounds or gestures. But those sounds and movements actually convey some meaning. Those are the signals […]