FFYF: Mom Down Edition

Happy Friday, Internets! I hope everyone’s well today. Me personally? I managed to fall on the big ski trip (first time down the hill, even!) and wrenched my knee. Sooooo, I’m spending today resting quietly. We all went through ski school in the morning, then I spent a half hour trying to convince Captain Earthquake […]

Be Surprising

Last year at this time the boys and I went skiing for the very first time ever in our whole lives. Our neighbors’ private school was having a field trip and invited us to join. It was a fantastic trip! The only downside was the 12 months of begging to go again. Skiing is extremely […]

How a Day of Skiing Taught Some Trust

People who’ve known me a long time will be shocked at this next statement. I took the boys downhill skiing last Thursday. No really! I did!! I even skied with them on the slopes. We were invited by our neighbors to join a their school field trip (they teach at a private school just around […]