Building a Better Student: Respect

One of the most famous R&B songs in history preached about respect. But no matter how many times Aretha spells it out, we tend to forget that it’s a two-way street: You can’t demand it and not give it. We teach our kids to respect rules and laws; we show them how to respect people […]

Send Your Kids to College With Cooking and Gardening Skills

Even in this high tech world of computers and innovation, some basic skills will go a long way towards helping your child succeed in college. For many parents, the time eventually comes when summer is not about camp for the kids, but is about making plans for college. You have raised them well and taught […]

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Child Play Team Sports

Corporations are on the look out for team players to handle prestigious projects as they are well aware that working as a team has immense benefits when it comes to reaching the target within deadlines. Enrolling kids in team sports has become a fad these days, but it is not without its benefits. Though parents […]

Parenting Help: Balance Authority With Peace Instead of Anger

I grew up being afraid of authority figures. No, I wasn’t abused or anything like that; I was just naturally afraid of doing anything to offend the people in charge of me. Being an overachiever, I took that to extremes. When I was 10, I got my first horse. He was nearly impossible to control […]

When Technology Fails: 5 Life Skills Every Child Should Know

(Editor’s note: please welcome Renee with her guest post outlining life skills that need to be preserved. Thanks Renee!) Kids these days are so enamored with technology that they have a pretty difficult time imagining life without it. With the convenience that machines and gadgets afford, our children are almost always tempted to rely on […]

Guest Post: How the Internet Makes Parenting Easier

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Tim Grayling to the site with his post on the Internet and parenting. Thanks Tim!!) Recent developments in the US economic environment have caused many Americans to return to school to develop new skills that better fit with the 21st century economy. More and more, online schooling has become mainstream and […]