How Teens Are Using the Internet

The World Wide Web has got every single piece of information a person could want; teens can search for all different types of information. It also creates a chance to visit sexual or adult websites for the teenagers which is harmful for them. Different services of the internet like chat rooms and instant messaging services […]

Smartphone Use: Parents and Kids Have Much in Common

Even though the older boys are 14, they’ve had rather an adolescent…horror of having anything in common with good ol’ mom and dad for years. So I regard the following infographic about smartphone use with some amusement. Turns out kids and adults can have behaviors in common after all. Brought to you by: Earnest […]

Should You Unplug Your Kids?

Parents have been using television as a way to keep their children out of their hair for decades. Today, the television isn’t all kids are using to stay entertained; the smartphone is quickly becoming the tech gadget of choice among the world’s youth. If you’re wondering how much tech is too much, you aren’t alone. […]

Why Monitoring Your Child’s Smartphone is So Important

Smartphones are highly advanced gadgets that feature various functions such as media players, video recorders, portable cameras, and GPS units. In addition, smartphones feature several applications that help individuals to accomplish tasks or activities like conference calls, video games or online games, inbound and outbound emails, and so on. With so many advanced features, there […]

Is Your Smartphone Safe for Your Children?

As a parent, you take many precautions to protect your children. You baby-proof the house, you put up safety gates, you give them swimming lessons, and you teach them about stranger danger. You even activate parental locks on your TV and game consoles. But one precaution many parents fail to take is to make sure […]

10 Apps That Will Teach Kids How to Handle Money

(Editor’s note: Carol has a list of resources for teaching kids to handle money wisely. Thanks Carol!) Even before they reach school age, children are capable of learning quite a few things, and it often falls to the parents to get kids started with learning their letters and numbers. But you should also consider teaching […]