How to Teach Kids About Social Privacy Settings

We live in a world where most everything is public and every aspect of our lives can be accessed online, thanks to social media. Whether this is a good or bad thing all depends on what is posted and who it is shared with. As adults, we are better equipped to handle these decisions ourselves. […]

Avoid Break-ins by Being Cautious on Social Media

It’s a naïve tendency, really. People assume that because they’re happy and getting ready to experience something wonderful and new that it’s always best to tell anyone and everyone who will listen. This includes going on vacation. You post to your Facebook about your intent to leave. You post “updates” of when you leave the […]

Building a Better Student: Just One Person

Not long ago I received a letter from a thirteen-year-old girl in Florida named Emma. Not an electronic piece of correspondence (text, tweet, social media message, email), but an old-fashioned sit-down-and-write-by-hand letter. That certainly caught my attention, but what really struck me was the content. She’d read all of the books in my Galahad series, […]

A Note From Children of America President Jim Perretty

Editor’s note: I don’t usually just publish someone else’s blog post verbatim, but this opportunity looks pretty great. I like the idea of parents using social media for positive result. What about you? “I think we all need a pep talk” – Kid President. A few months ago I was inspired by watching a video […]

Children of America Campaign: Be the Best You Can Be

Howdy, heroes! Childcare organization Children of America is seeking your inspirational tips and advice on how to be the best you can be via an interactive social media campaign. The campaign was launched nationally last month with the release of an inspirational YouTube video, filmed at Children of America’s branch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over […]

Building a Better Student: The Digital Ever After

Here’s a tale of two mistakes, separated in time. Let’s start with Amanda, a bright, outgoing young woman, and a pretty good student with lots of friends. Most of her fellow middle school classmates are – like her – good kids, but occasionally they test boundaries. So does Amanda. It’s what kids do. This time, […]