Building a Better Student: Stumped

I co-host a morning radio show in Denver, and one of the most popular elements on the program is a feature called The Mindbender. It’s not trivia – which is something you either know or don’t – but rather a game that allows you to puzzle out the answer to a fun lifestyle question. For […]

Innovative Bedding Could Make Managing Kids’ Sheets Easier

I was contacted recently by Nate Bradshaw, on behalf of the StayMade bedding system for kids. As Nate reminded me, there are several difficulties that parents face with kids’ beds. First, just keeping the bed made. Who among us hasn’t had the “make your bed” conversation? A lot? Secondly, lots of kids are wild sleepers […]

A Short Pause Due To Technical Difficulties

Hello, friends! Due to a truly spectacular computer crash (new laptop has now decided that the version of Windows it came with is invalid) I do not have access to my email from the last 2 days. Not to worry, the problem is being worked on as I type and I hope to be up […]

Eureka! We’ve Had a Breakthrough

Thursday we had a lot of errands to run, so we zoomed through school and when it was time to leave, the older boys weren’t finished with their math assignment. Naturally we took the show on the road. As I was driving along, I heard them discussing one of the word problems, and it quickly […]