Prevent Common Sports Injuries with These Tips

Nearly 30 million children participate in organized sports each year and every year 3.5 million children are treated for sports injuries. There are many general practices that can help families and their children prevent a majority of these sports related injuries, however many of them are often ignored and overlooked. The sports medicine team at […]

5 Tips to Help Prevent Abuse in Sports

There are many reasons why a child should participate in sports. Sports teach important life lessons including goal-setting, teamwork and self-confidence, not to mention the great exercise it provides athletes. Unfortunately, competitive sports can also be a high-risk environment for misconduct, including physical and sexual abuse. These types of abuse can also have long-term damaging […]

Fortify Your Relationship: Explore The Outdoors With Your Son

When you reach your 40’s, you may see and realize that there have been dramatic changes between you and your children, especially your sons. A close yet complex father-son relationship is, sometimes, severed when the son is already at his late teens. Some boys need to explore and feed their curiosity and prove themselves as […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Recover Quickly After Sports Injury

When kids get engaged with sports of any kind, there is a high likelihood that they will experience an injury at some point in time. Helping them to recover as quickly as possible requires having the right approaches under your belt that have been proven to bring them back to full strength as fast as […]

Five Ways to Make Game Night the Most Enjoyable

Getting your family or a group of friends together on game night is a tradition shared by many people. Some gatherings are forgettable or uncomfortable because no thought was put into the night. A great game night requires a little planning. There are five ways to make game night as enjoyable as possible. 1. Make […]

How to Choose the Right Sport for Your Child

We all know this one parent who forced their child to participate in a certain sport just because the parent him- or herself excelled in this sport when they were younger. Think about this parent you know who falls into this category. Is their child happy with the sport? Is the child dedicated to it? […]