Homeschooling Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Always Stay at Home

Heroes, one of the weakest arguments against homeschooling is the socialization argument. For some reason, the idea has taken hold that kids who aren’t learning inside of a traditional school building are somehow cut off from society as a whole. Which is silly. I would argue that the vast majority of homeschooled kids get more […]

What Are the Addiction Levels in Your State?

Heroes, it’s probably likely that you’re no stranger to addiction. Whether it’s a friend or a member of your family, substance addiction affects us all. But how does your state measure up? The infographic created by Rehab Hotline offers a fascinating look at how each state is faring in terms of addiction to drugs, alcohol, […]

Too Many Adults are Allowing Underage Drinking

I received a disturbing note recently. Here is an excerpt: While summer is winding down, there are still plenty of opportunities for celebration and social gatherings: kids going off to college, Labor Day celebrations and summer BBQs while the weather is still nice. Typically alcohol is present at these events; summer is not only a […]

The Importance of Reporting Illnesses to the CDC

The Center for Disease Control’s primary purpose is to control and prevent diseases and illness. Founded in 1946, the CDC is currently headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is considered one of the most powerful agencies in the world for the collection and dissemination of information regarding many health conditions. Each state has laws about what […]

Homeschooling Is on the Rise

I haven’t mentioned our homeschooling experiences and plans of late. You may recall that TechnoBoy went to public school last fall for the 8th grade. He did pretty well, and now The Mercenary is planning to join him for 9th grade next fall. I’m super excited for both boys; I think they’ll have a great […]

Why Parents Might Want to Choose Homeschooling

For those who might be thinking that home schooling is just another silly concept for learners, there is more to it. Some are of the opinion that social isolation takes root in home schooling. However, researchers have enough figures and proof indicating the fact that home schooling is very much in trend and learners have […]