How E-Books Are Changing Reading Habits

E-books: Are they really changing people’s reading habits? Advanced technology is changing the way we read and purchase books. About 21% of all American adults have stated that they read an e-book in the last year, and believe it or not, the number will most likely increase to 40% in 5 to 10 years. E-book […]

Once Upon An iPad: 4 Parenting Tips For The i-Generation

Tablets are everywhere and quickly growing in popularity amongst the younger generation. The i-Generation is in full force but does not have to be a bad influence on children. There are many different ways that parents can incorporate an iPad into a child’s mind growth. Guided Access Whether children should use tablets or not is […]

How to Know When a Child Is Ready for a Personal Computer

Every generation of parents has challenges that come with raising a responsible child in a modern society. The Internet and mobile devices have raised new challenges for parents bringing up children in a wired world. On one hand, it’s understandable that parents want to safeguard their children’s Internet activity. On the other hand, the Internet […]