3 Tips for Dealing with Little Monsters

At times children can be so well-behaved and then seemingly in an instant they turn into little monsters that are capable of making the mildest of parents hastily and regrettably yell “Shut Up!” As parents we want to be a good role model and exhibit behavior that reflects our values however, there are times where […]

Angry Mom Has Fit, Boys Clean Up

Last year I asked the question: Am I a Failure at Homeschooling? At the time, things got so frustrating with the boys hating school and me being incapacitated with the knee injury that Hubby and I told the boys that there was nothing left to do but enroll in public school. Cooler heads and some […]

Adolescent Anger is Flaring Up

Today was a day filled with conflict, yet I sit here feeling mighty peaceful. The Mercenary has been getting angry with me on a daily basis, and his disrespectful behavior has been on the increase for some time. I actually understand the anger; between the hormones that are flooding his body and my demands for […]

Anger Issues

I’ve mentioned before that Captain Earthquake has difficulty controlling his temper. If he gets angry, he routinely lets himself get swept away in the emotion. Lately, if he gets angry in the morning, we can expect him to stay that way for hours. Now, I happen to be an expert in angry. In my heyday, […]

Time to Stop Complaining

I noticed a problem recently: there is a lot of complaining going on here at Earnest Parenting. Chief complainer: Me. The rest of the family isn’t far behind me. We all seem to have gotten sucked into a pattern of blaming others for situations and complaining (vociferously) if anything goes wrong. For example, the Captain […]

How Do You Tame a Difficult 4 Year Old?

A dad I know wrote on his blog last week about the difficulties he’s having with his 4 year old son. One example given is treating the family dog Lilly too roughly, and then throwing huge tantrums when put in time out. So, being the Nosy Nellie that only I can be, I’ve written up […]