How to Annoy an 8-Year-Old

Having a little fun today…one of the great rewards of parenting is being ever so slightly irritating. Heh. Or maybe that’s just my twisted sense of humor. 1. When they go into a bathroom shout, “Hit the water!!!” 2. Let their older siblings stay home while they have to accompany you to the store 3. […]

FFYF: Pathetic Threat Edition

Welcome again to Friday, Internets!  If you’re new here and visiting from Ultimate Blog Party 2010, this is my weekly blog carnival Fun For Your Friday.  Feel free to join in soon!  FFYF is all about sharing a smile to make the last day of the work week go a little faster (and perhaps keep […]

FFYF: Mom Down Edition

Happy Friday, Internets! I hope everyone’s well today. Me personally? I managed to fall on the big ski trip (first time down the hill, even!) and wrenched my knee. Sooooo, I’m spending today resting quietly. We all went through ski school in the morning, then I spent a half hour trying to convince Captain Earthquake […]

He May Have Me Pegged

Around dinnertime, I popped the dish into the oven and headed out to pull some weeds in the flower garden. Captain Earthquake was having a snack in the kitchen and I told him I’d be back shortly. In the grand excitement of weeding, I kind of lost track of time. Needless to say, I was […]

Math Backwards

TechnoBoy usually completes his math assignments by starting at the last problem on the page and working backward to the first. Normally this isn’t a problem but every once in a while he neglects to notice that he’s not on the right lesson and accidentally works on the wrong one. This happened again the other […]