How to Explain a Divorce to Your Teenage Children

Teenage years for many children feel like a mid-life crisis without any major event happening to reiterate this type of feeling. A divorce, for many teenage children, will feel like the world is completely crashing down around them. Although talking to your teen about divorce will never be easy, there are a few tips to […]

The Terrible Teens: A Survival Kit to Help You (and Your Kids) Make it Through Adolescence

The teenage years are the most difficult for parent and child alike, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. There are resources and strategies available to help you and your teens make it through the tumultuous period of adolescence. Consider some of the most common roadblocks that parents of teenagers face and look for […]

A World of Tens

One of the challenges of teaching and parenting is dealing with young people who haven’t yet learned the concept of degrees. Everything that happens to a pre-teen or teenager is either the best thing that’s ever happened, or the end of the world. If you’re snickering over that observation, it’s likely because you have a […]