Looking for Laundry in All the Wrong Places

So. A certain boy has apparently decided to be the death of me. As a member of the soccer team, he was provided with blue shorts and socks, a blue jersey, and a white jersey. The blue jersey was worn one Sunday evening to conduct a soccer team fundraiser. By Wednesday morning when he needed […]

Building a Better Student: The Death of Ego

There comes a time as a parent when you transition from coddler and cheerleader to adult life coach. That means you become a messenger, bearing news from the real world. It catches many young people by surprise, and the fallout can be intense. A friend of mine – we’ll call her Patty – is a […]

Building A Better Student: Below The Surface

One of the shiniest objects in our solar system can teach us a great lesson about making quick assumptions. Enceladus (pronounced en-SELL-uh-dus) is a bright white moon orbiting Saturn. Completely covered in ice, at first glance it comes across as a barren place, a lonely, frozen outpost about 800 million miles from Earth. But wait. […]

Winter Driving Tips for Parents of Teens

Well Heroes, it has been a winter so far this year, that’s for sure. Around here, the snow is piling up something awful. That makes for some dangerous driving conditions, especially for young drivers. Since we have 2 young drivers in the house, I was pleased to get the chance to interview some experts from […]

5 Things Today’s Teens Face That You May Not Have

Today’s teens face a lot of tough situations on a daily basis that you probably didn’t even think about as a teenager. Today’s world is full of danger at every turn, and it is up to your teen to make the right choices to avoid those dangers. This can be a scary time for parents. […]

Parenting Tips for Transitioning Teens into Adulthood

Parents of Teens Need to Simultaneously Hold On and Let Go There are many reasons why the teenage years are so difficult for both kids and parents. Raging hormones encourage teens to do things that often don’t make sense or seem to go against their character. Developed (but not completely developed!) minds mean that teens […]