Building a Better Student: The Wrong Crowd

“Even if it is painful and lonely, associate with worthy companions.”  – Dogen, the great Zen master. We’ll call him Aaron, but the name is unimportant, since millions of kids fall into the same trap that ultimately derailed this young man. He was quieter than most kids, but an eager student and – at his […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Raising a Teenage Boy

Raising teenagers is a challenge, and teenage boys can seem particularly baffling to parents. Understanding boys’ motivations is essential for meeting their needs and raising well-adjusted children. They Love a Mess Messiness is significant for teens who use disorder to cope with rapid changes in their lives. Messy rooms are also a way for teenage […]

Sweet Sixteen: 5 Precautions Before Letting Them Get Behind the Wheel

Turning 16 is an exciting time for any teenager, especially one who has just learned how to drive. There are a few precautions you can take to ensure that you are protecting both your child and your property. 1. Practice makes perfect The more you drive with your child, the more comfortable he or she […]

3 Tips on How to Allow Your Teen to Dress Like a Celeb: The Right Way

Every parent of a teenage daughter faces the same dilemma: your daughter loves to shop and buy the most fashionable clothes. You want to encourage her to look good and you know she wants to look like her favorite young celebrities, but not by breaking the bank. How can you find the happy medium for […]

Building a Better Student: Stuck in the Middle

Dante left out a circle of Hell when he wrote Inferno. He imagined only nine areas of suffering, but he forgot about middle school. In an informal survey, the majority of adults looked back and pegged those two or three years as the most miserable time of their lives. I’m with them: seventh grade was […]

Underage Drinking – A Parent’s Liability

With High School graduation right around the corner and the weather warming up, our teenagers are out on the prowl for a good time, and most likely, a good party. Our kids are typically aware of the negative effects of alcohol by now. However, what many teens don’t know is how their irresponsible behavior with […]