Decisions Parents Face About Orthodontia

Your child needs orthodontic care. You’ve been to your dentist, but you want to review your options on your own. You’re fairly confident you can make an independent decision. You just need the information. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to find what you’re looking for online. Most orthodontists  offer the same or similar services. Braces […]

Dress Up For the First Dental Appointment

There is no doubt that kids love to dress up. There is also no doubt that going to the dentist for the first dentist appointment can be scary. What better way to prepare for the first dentist appointment than to include a favorite style of play! Here are a few different ways to include dress-up […]

Preventative Measures to Correct Teeth Formation in Your Child

A healthy smile is one good sign of a happy child! A child’s teeth start forming before birth. At the age of four months, the baby teeth or also called as primary teeth will erupt through the gums. Typically, there are 20 primary teeth that will appear when the baby turns to age three. Yet, […]

5 Ways to Make Tooth Brushing Fun

Brushing your kid’s teeth can either be a fun activity or a chore. It takes a while before toddlers enjoy brushing. Kids usually feel cranky when it’s brush time. Sometimes it’s the sensation caused by the toothbrush that makes them irritated. It can also be the toothpaste which can be too minty. There are many […]

Win Daily With Sunstar GUM!

Howdy Heroes, Just thought you’d like to know that Sunstar GUM is running a great giveaway on their Facebook page. It’s called the Pick-Nic Summer Sweepstakes. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and fill out the entry form. Winners will be announced daily and weekly. Daily winners will win teeth cleaning […]

6 Herbs to Help Brighten Your Smile

In a day’s time I drink an obscene amount of coffee. In fact, about half of the world’s population of adults drinks some form of coffee or tea on a daily basis. I love coffee so much that a local vendor regularly delivers fresh-roasted beans to my front door. But as I approached the milestone […]