Cheating Their Way Through College: The Numbers

Heroes, it seems like cheating has become an epidemic. Partially, I think it’s because there are so many ways we can use technology to bypass the rules. It’s not a healthy choice though, and kids who cheat end up losing out on knowledge and possibly opportunities. This infographic has some frightening numbers on cheating in […]

Can Your Baby Hear You?

It is always a terrifying and upsetting prospect that there may be something wrong with your child and the not having the ability to hear is a big fear for many parents. It is something that many have to face, the fact that their child clearly has some sort of disability that will have an […]

Checkups During Pregnancy: Amniocentesis

What is amniocentesis? Amniocentesis is a procedure where a sample of amniotic sac fluid is taken with a needle. Using an ultrasound it allows the physician to insert a needle safely and not harm the fetus. The obtained amniotic fluid, which contains cells scaled with the baby, still needs to be tested in the laboratory […]

Study Shows Only 25% of Students are Ready for College

Chances are you’ve taken or at least heard of the ACT: a test most colleges expect high school students to take. ACT test scores can indicate whether a student is likely to earn a certain grade in first-year college courses. According to a study they published recently, only 25% of students who take the test […]