Five Common Food Allergies You Should Test Your Child For

When you notice your child having an odd reaction during or after eating, such as wheezing, itching, coughing, swelling, abdominal pain or a rash, a food allergy may be to blame. Listed are five common food allergies for which you should have your child tested: Wheat When your child has a wheat allergy, their body […]

Your child can perform better at GCSE exams – tips for parents

As a parent, you want your child to do well on their GCSE exams. You know that good scores could be important to their continued studies and future career. Of course, you want to help, but you may be unsure about how to do that. Don’t worry. You don’t need to be an expert in […]

Six Benefits Of PSAT and SAT Preparatory Courses For Your High School Student

The SAT and PSAT standardized tests can create a substantial amount of stress in the lives of both high school students and their parents. People often become frozen when facing the fact that these tests play a big part in determining their educational future. Given the importance of these tests and the weight that they […]

Building a Better Student: It’s Not About the IQ

Have you ever taken an IQ test? I did it once when I enrolled for college, and again many years later. You find questions such as “what number comes next in this sequence?” and “which word is not like the others?” I’m sure the test has value in some capacity, but I wondered how those […]

Helping Kids Prepare for Testing is a Parenting Job

I haven’t written much personally over the past year or two, mainly because the older boys are solidly in their teen years, and I’m not willing to overshare their lives. You know? Suffice to say, stuff is happening. ALL the time. I’ve thought about writing it down and then waiting several years to actually publish. […]