Building a Better Student: Respect

One of the most famous R&B songs in history preached about respect. But no matter how many times Aretha spells it out, we tend to forget that it’s a two-way street: You can’t demand it and not give it. We teach our kids to respect rules and laws; we show them how to respect people […]

How To Balance Mom Duties With Scholastic Tasks

It may seem that balancing your family duties with your schoolwork is a daunting task. There’s so much to do and juggle. However, with these tips you can maintain a healthy life for you and your family. Create a Schedule One of the first things to do is evaluate your routine and your family’s schedule. […]

No More Frantic Mornings: Tips and Tricks to get Your Day Started Right

We all have those mornings when we are rushing to get our kids to the bus stop, get ourselves to work or our babies to day care.  We make lunches in a hurry, brush hair and tie shoes in a frenzy and yell at our kids to get moving.  When we are short on time, […]

Plan Ahead to Get More Time in Parenting

(Editor’s note: Please welcome Shelley’s very sage advice for those of us who need more time. Thanks, Shelley!) Planning Ahead Creates More Time – No Magic Needed Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day to get things done? Would it make any difference or would you still be wanting more? See, […]

Teaching Time Management: Some Strategies

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