How to Potty Train Your Child in Just One Week

Potty training is a major milestone for both parent and child. The lure of being free from buying and changing diapers is appealing to parents, but the thought of the potty training process can be discouraging, both for parents who have never potty trained before and those acquainted with the difficulty of doing so. With […]

Preparing to Potty Train: 4 Tips for New Parents

Raising your first child can be quite the journey. There are sure to be some mistakes you’ll make and surprises you don’t account for. However, being prepared is a great way to be ready for some of those encounters you may experience, especially when it comes to something like potty training. Here are four tips […]

There’s No Place Like the Home Throne

I was reminded today of a cute episode we had with The Manager when he was 3.  We’d gone to a museum a few hours from home to see Thomas the Tank Engine, and had stayed the night to spend a second day enjoying the museum while we were there.  The second day, The Manager […]