Five Vacation Destinations Both Kids & Adults Will Enjoy

Planning your next family vacation? Looking for a good balance between child-friendly activities and grown-up fun? Here are five amazing destinations that will appeal to both kids and adults. There’s something for everyone here. 1.Washington, DC You can’t go wrong with so many free museums, monuments, and landmarks, all within walking distance of downtown. Kids […]

Survey Shows How Families Plan Vacations

Howdy Heroes! Have you gone on vacation this year? After several years of staying close to home, the fam and I actually went on two trips in 2013. Both were terrific. We just got back from the second one 2 days ago. My grandfather was a Lt. Col. in the Air Force. He passed away […]

How to Have a Fun-Filled Vacation With Your Kids

There is nothing more gratifying than spending a great vacation with your kids. Family vacations are always recommended, as they are essential for maintaining closeness with each other. But it’s all the more essential to observe the fact “Fun” in such kind of vacations! No vacation is successful if you do not include activities that […]

The Travel Bug

This is my weekly post The Travel Bug over at Forever Parenting. Last year we took two (2!!!) family vacations, and were blessed to dip our toes in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the same year. It was such a great time. Both Hubby and I agree that traveling with the boys is […]

Favorite Vacation Quotes

It went down the wrong end. Captain Earthquake, explaining a coughing fit during lunch. Do I need to rev it up? The Mercenary, taking a photo with the digital camera after getting used to the 35mm. HHhhhhAAAAaaaaaaa! TechnoBoy, coming up out of the water after swimming the length of the pool only to discover that […]