Does Your Child NEED to Graduate From an Expensive College?

Heroes, one of the things we have to consider as the kids age is college costs. Have you looked at what many of them are charging? It’s getting more and more insane every year! Hubby and I earnestly want to get the boys through school without putting them in debt. We have different plans in […]

4 Goals to Set with Your Daughter Before College

Entering college is an exciting and a stressful time for your daughter. She gets to live on her own, make big financial decisions, and start working toward the life she has always dreamed about. You can help put your college-bound daughter on the path to success by sitting down and helping her set goals. Take […]

Scholarships Can Help Cut College Costs

Heroes, I don’t know about you but I do sometimes get a little concerned about the costs that we’re facing when the boys are ready for college. Especially since we’ll be sending ours two at a time. Eek. This infographic shows how much is actually available for scholarships, and the numbers are at least encouraging. […]

Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education?

Heroes, have you ever heard of a MOOC? Me neither. Turns out it stands for Massive Open Online Course. Who knew? I try to keep up with all the latest but it’s certainly difficult to keep up with everything. Good news though! You can get a good bit of information from the infographic below. Source: […]

Online Education Continues to Grow Globally

Heroes, I have rather an extensive background in computer technology. My father taught programming and computer applications for over 40 years at a local community college. After I was out of high school, my mother got her degree and joined him, teaching in her own classrooms on the same campus. My brother has dual degrees […]

Infographic Breaks Down International Business Degree Programs

Source: Earnest Parenting: help for parents wanting to guide their children through college.