Building A Better Student: The Textured Life

A good friend of mine is all about texture. Where my eye is blind to the subtle shades within designs, she’s able to spot an interesting layer or pattern that adds depth and fullness. It’s a talent that I envy. But it occurs to me that texture shouldn’t be confined to clothes or wall furnishings. […]

Building a Better Student: Life’s Buffet

Consider a typical week in the life of Taylor – and I intentionally chose a unisex name, because this story applies to both girls and boys. Taylor either expressed an interest in a particular sport at an early age, or was deemed to have exceptional skills in that area, or was pressured into it by […]

Getting Kids Healthy – Cultivating Their Tastes

The one thing that a lot of parents tend not to realise is just how much influence they have over their children. The way that you raise them will directly affect their overall abilities in pretty much everything, so if there is anything that you want to ensure that they stick to, it is best […]