Video Games are Good for You: Educational and Entertaining Technology for Kids

In the digital age, parents constantly worry about their children being exposed to violent or inappropriate material through the internet or video games. But parents shouldn’t fear all of the technology available to their kids. In fact, there are a number of apps and games that can be educational as well as fun. These are […]

5 Reasons to Play Video Games With Your Children

Simon Messler is a casual gamer who loves to follow industry trends, events and news. He loves playing free online farm games and sharing personal stories from his own life, and how video games positively impacted him. Parents have a knee jerk reaction these days to video games in the household. This is due to […]

How to Use Parental Controls on Video Game Consoles

Editor’s note: please welcome Mary Ward to Earnest Parenting! I was very pleased that she chose to share this topic with us; it’s very important information for any family that has gaming systems in the home. Most of today‚Äôs parents are familiar with the video game rating system, which rates video games according to their […]