Video Games: Six Reasons It’s Okay to Hand Your Child the Controller

Since the 80s, young and old have enjoyed video games. The Atari was the first gaming console that really made it big, setting a course for all of the game systems that have come since. From the time video games became popular, there have been some concerns about how video games might impact developing minds […]

How to Swaddle a Baby

Time for our weekly baby video from the good folks at Howcast. This week, Tammy shows us how to swaddle a baby. I have to say, even after being through 4 babies, I’ve never quite seen it done this way. I guess I’m all ready for the grandkids. In ten years. Not before. Just sayin’. […]

FFYF: Icy Spring Edition

Welcome to spring, Heroes! We’ve been celebrating with a good old fashioned ice storm this week. It’s the latest and greatest way all the cool kids start a new season. That’s supposed to be warmer. Yea. Anyhow, I have so been enjoying the beauty of icy trees and grass; even though it’s a bit concerning. […]

Parenting Summit Extended Through April 30

Great news, heroes! Remember the Parenting Summit I mentioned last month? (Shameless plug: I’m one of the contributing speakers). The event was so popular that access has been extended through April 30, 2011. How amazing is that? All of the videos I’ve watched have been just packed with wonderful tips and wisdom. Among my favorites: […]

Attend a Parenting Summit From Home

How would you like to get parenting help? How about for free? Have you ever attended a conference from home? Parenting Summit is taking place March 1 through March 8, 2011. This is a free online event in which several leading parenting experts will be sharing parenting tips and advice via video. There are several […]

Fun For Your Friday

Happy Friday Internets! Here at Earnest Parenting we’re entering the gloomy season weather-wise. It’s quite common to not see much sunshine for days or even weeks at a time in January and February. Bleh. Not my favorite. The cloud cover is thick as I type, which promises a dull day already. All the more important […]