5 Safe, Durable, and Attractive Sunglasses for Kids

Children’s sunglasses are no less important than adults’. Dare we say it, they’re even more important! Since little ones tend to spend more time outside, they spend more time being exposed to UV rays. And since their eyes are more sensitive than our own, just imagine the consequences. Sure, some people think kids in sunglasses […]

Does Your Child Have Lazy Eye?

Raising children is a joy, but when you’re concerned that your child has a medical problem, it can be stressful, as well. If you’re concerned that your child has lazy eye, you might not need to be as concerned as you think. Make an appointment to see the ophthalmologist so that you can obtain a […]

What is Your Ideal Parenting Picture? Part 3

In my second post on this topic, I asked the following question: How does your ideal parenting picture match up with the reality of your life? Some key ideas from my ideal picture are positive attitude and efforts in school family pursuit of hobbies and sports calm patient discipline from the parents clear, honest, trusting […]

What is Your Ideal Parenting Picture? Part 2

Alrighty, everyone’s had some time to ponder the question.  Here’s what my ideal picture looks like: The boys all enjoy learning and we work together with positive attitudes to complete our lessons each day.  After lunch (since we finished all the work before then) we’re able to pursue group and individual interests.  I have the […]

What is Your Ideal Parenting Picture?

I’ve thought about this topic several times over the past few months, and thought I’d put it to you the readers.  When you picture the ideal family, what does that look like?  (This answer isn’t going to be the same for each family of course.)  How many kids do you see?  What kind of disciplinarian […]