On Their Own: 5 Things to do Before Leaving Your Kids for the Weekend

You and your spouse are going away for the weekend, your kids are going to be on their own for the first time, and you are worried about what could happen. Here are some steps to take to protect your family, and make sure they are going to be safe. Your Situation Different states have […]

FFYF: Too Much Screen Time Edition

The older boys were gone all weekend, which meant the younger boys had no competition for computer playtime. Everyone is particularly fond of a game called Roblox, in which players create worlds and games with their own rules with characters that look vaguely like Lego pieces. They can create an environment in which multiple characters […]

FFYF: Weekend Break Edition

Hullloooooo, Friends! I’m heading off to do some sewing this weekend; one of my favorite activities. Just think: hour upon glorious hour in front of my sewing machine! The heart sings in anticipation. So…how about you? Anything fun planned for this weekend? Share with the group! How about you play along on Fun For Your […]