Kids and Their Cars: When it Gets Complicated

Parents always want the best for their children, and there’s usually nothing in this world that would prevent them from making sure that they’re safe. Unfortunately, as our kids get older, they ultimately go out on their own. Usually the first step into that new world is their ability to drive. This puts teenagers in […]

The Age of the Mommy Blog:
Five Things to Consider Before Posting Personal Information Online

In today’s world, almost everyone uses a form of social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a casual browser or avid poster, it’s important to safeguard what information you release. Before posting anything on a blog, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform, ask yourself the questions below to help safeguard your personal […]

Talk to Your Teens About What They Faced in 2013

Heroes, I have to say that I really hesitated to publish this infographic. It’s more graphic than I usually like to have around here…being family friendly is very important to the publishing team. That said, we’re publishing it because it’s also important for all of us to pay attention to what’s going on in the […]

How to Help Your Child Become More Independent

Even though parents would sometimes prefer it if their child remained under their wing forever, they know that at one point kids have to grow up and set out in the world on their own. While this moment is anticipated with great fear and apprehension, it is also one of the proudest moments that we […]

Growing Like Weeds: Five Timeless Pieces of Advice for Your Young Boys

If you’ve been blessed with sons, you know that they grow like weeds. In a blink, they’ll sprout up, their voices change, and they’ll be on the brink of manhood. As you think back to your wonder years, you’re sure to have plenty of suggestions to help your boys as they navigate the storms of […]

Six Life Lessons for Kids Before They’re 10

The job of a parent isn’t just to raise children — it is to raise future adults. The early years of childhood are the most formative, and the life lessons kids learn before the age of 10 are the ones most likely to stick with them throughout their lives. Check out these six important life […]