Talk to Your Children About Drunk Driving

Drunk driving kills about 30 people in the US a day. According to the CDC, this suggests that one person dies around every 48 minutes in an alcohol related accident. Children are often the victims of drunk driving and teenagers are often the ones responsible for these deaths. Because teenagers are so often at the […]

Building a Better Student: The College Question

A friend of mine has a son who dutifully sent off college applications and was accepted by two of them. He then promptly announced that he really didn’t want to go to college. His father’s response: “You will go, like it or not.” In my opinion, you could easily swap the father’s words to: “I […]

Build a Better Student: Keep Your Kids In Class Day

Once upon a time, somebody dreamed up the idea of taking kids out of school so they could go to their parent’s office and play with the hole-punch all day. It was applauded and hailed as a revolutionary idea that would help students understand and appreciate the grind of everyday office life. Meanwhile, teachers across […]

What Should I Tell My Pre-Teen About Alcohol and Drinking?

If you’re concerned about how to discuss alcohol with your pre-teen, you’re not alone. Many parents are nervous about beginning the conversation regarding alcohol and drug use, but the truth is: the more comfortable you seem towards your child, the more comfortable they will feel with sharing their experiences with you. In reality, you’ve already […]

Refuse to Choose

Because I’m an advocate for increased emphasis on academics, there are some groups that try to drag me into their “sports get too much attention” message. While I might agree with the basic tenet of their argument, there are three reasons why I won’t get caught up in that fight. First, it’s a losing battle. […]

Parents Should Avoid These 8 Mistakes

As parents, you probably already know that you’re not perfect. While you can do everything that you can to make your child happy, you have to realize that mistakes do happen. Instead of avoiding these mistakes and keep on doing them throughout life, it’s important to know the impact that some of these mistakes may […]