Building a Better Student: Slow Death

(Most of the Building a Better Student columns are intended for parents and teachers, but this one was written for students. If there’s a young person in your sphere who could benefit from this, please share.) Imagine taking just one single puff from a cigarette and immediately falling over dead. If you knew that would […]

Building A Better Student: Yes, You Should Judge

A group of us at the radio station were gathered in the kitchen for our mid-morning refills of tea and coffee, making small talk. Somebody referenced a trashy television reality star, at which point there were groans and more than a few snide remarks. Moments later one of my co-workers said, “Well, I know I […]

How to Teach Your Kids About Drug Safety

One of the most stressful conversations you can have with your kids is the “drug talk.” However, just like the sex conversation, this is a conversation that needs to happen. We are reminded every day about the dangers of drugs, but it’s still important that you and your kids have this heart to heart. It […]

When Saving Money Isn’t Beneficial

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who enjoys escaping to the outdoors in her free time. She currently writes about finance and career advice for Suncorp Life Insurance. When Saving Money Isn’t Beneficial If you’re like most folks, frugality has been instilled in you since the beginning. From bargain shopping at the grocery store to […]

Journey Closer to God with the Book “Prayers for Today”

Kurt Bjorklund is the author of the book “Prayers for Today: A Yearlong Journey of Contemplative Prayer”. This book contains prayers and meditations along with Bible verses, all aimed at helping the heart grow closer to God. Bjorklund, a Christian pastor, writes in the introduction that he was as a young man very drawn to […]

Artistically Gifted: What to Do When Your Child Shows Exceptional Ability

(Editor’s note: please welcome Susan’s post on how to parent exceptional children. Thanks Susan!) Parents with talented children seem to fall into two very distinct categories. They turn into Godzilla, push their children far too hard, and end up the subject of a tell-all book and/or miniseries years later. Or they swing the other way, […]