Why Scientists are not so Sure that Kids Need Vitamin Supplements

People want their children to grow up strong, and in many families, parents give their children vitamin supplements to keep them healthy. According to a 2004 study, about 50 percent of young children have taken supplements. These candy-flavored vitamins with their cartoon shapes are appealing to kids, but do they do any good? Does your […]

How to Teach Your Kid Proper Hygiene in 5 Easy Steps

Proper hygiene is something we adults take for granted, and forget sometimes that it is something that has to be learned. If your child comes back from school telling you that his peers call him “stinky” or any other name, it is in part your fault. You haven’t instilled in your child proper hygiene. It […]

Teaching Your Children About Home Safety

(Editor’s note: please welcome Edwin with some ways to teach our children about home safety. We’ve had our own family experience with a house fire, and it was very scary. Safety training is a must. Thanks Edwin!) Unfortunately we don’t live in a society where doors and windows can be left unlocked when no one […]