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Amy's picAfter earning a degree in special education, Amy taught in the public schools for 8 years. Just after earning her Master’s in Educational Psychology she became pregnant with her first set of twin boys. Rather than go back to work, Amy decided to quit teaching to stay home with the boys. Four and a half years later, the second set of twin boys arrived. Amy has homeschooled the boys their entire lives until recently. The wisdom of this choice has long been debated, but so far it’s been the right choice for the family.

Early on, homeschooling was crazy difficult and Amy was often found at the end of the day in tears wondering how on earth anyone could succeed at it. Many times, the boys were just as frustrated. Over the years everyone has grown more successful, but there are still plenty of days when problems need to be hammered out.

Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, TechnoBoy chose to enroll in public school. The following year saw The Mercenary join him for public high school. This arrangement has turned out to be a wonderful choice for both boys. It has been easy to embrace being the parents of public school students and still continue to teach the younger boys at home.

Earnest Parenting was born out of a desire to connect with other parents who are honest enough to say, “This is hard!” and has evolved into a place where Heroes In Parenting are celebrated. Because if Amy can do this job, then so can you.

Here’s hoping none of our kids need therapy someday.

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