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Heroes Gallery

Welcome to the gallery of heroes! These are all the parents who were nominated as HIP. When are you going to add someone to the list?

MommyTwinGirls (site no longer exists)


Dawn of The Joys of Twins

Mom of Twin Girls

Amanda from Tumble Dry

Chris, Sammie’s mom

Diana from Redneck Mommy

Mommy Needs Coffee (site no longer exists)



Eliza Feree (site no longer exists)

Jennifer of My Charming Kids

Mrs. Schmitty from It’s a Schmitty Life

Suzanne Broughton from The Mom Blog at Freedomblogging

Gerard from Familytastic

Lisa from Jelly Mom

Gregg at One Dad’s Life

Don at Danz Family

Tracy at Uncharted Parent

Joe at Fathered Five (site no longer exists)

Lenore at Free Range Kids

Kellan from On the Upside